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SLKF Pack 116

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Welcome to our parents web site!

Special Reminders:

Code of Conduct Forms now due. Send to Dawn Cadard 1-C

See "Special Information" page for Pinewood Derby information

Lakeview Scout Parade, 2005

Cub Scout Pack 116 is a year-round family program designed for boys who are in the first grade through fifth grade. Cub Scouting at SLKF involves a variety of family activities, encourages good behavior, teaches lifelong values, and strengthens the bonds of family. We have 9 Pack meetings per year plus 3 summertime activities and we do lots of cools things like camping, playing sports, building race cars and much much more.

SLKF Cub Scout Pack 116 * 1600 Lake Avenue * Metairie * LA * 70005